nepros 3/8" Artisan iP Gold 90-Tooth Ratchet & Socket Set (NTB3X26AZGL) PRE-ORDER


ETA: Oct 29th 2021

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A tool set that showcases Japanese quality and craftsmanship at it’s best. Headlining the set is the legendary nepros 90-tooth ratchet featuring an extremely smooth action with a 7-step claw for unrivaled strength. This limited edition set features a luxurious artisan iP gold finish and comes in a premium steel case.

  • Limited edition Artisan iP Gold series
  • Ion Plating (iP) technology provides superior adhesion, durability, and scratch resistance over standard chrome plating
  • Standard chrome plated tools measure around 700HV on the Vickers hardness scale; nepros iP tools measure 1500-2000HV – over double!
  • Set Contains (26 pcs):
    • 3/8" Ratchet (NBR390GL)
    • 3/8" Quick Spinner (NBE38GL)
    • 3/8" Breaker Bar (NBS3GL)
    • 3/8" 6-Point Metric Sockets (12): 5.5mm (NB3-055GL), 7mm (NB3-07GL), 8mm (NB3-08GL), 10mm (NB3-10GL), 12mm (NB3-12GL), 13mm (NB3-13GL), 14mm (NB3-14GL), 17mm (NB3-17GL), 19mm (NB3-19GL), 21mm (NB3-21GL), 22mm (NB3-22GL), 24mm (NB3-24GL)
    • 3/8" 6-Point Deep Metric Sockets (6): 8mm (NB3L-08GL), 10mm (NB3L-10GL), 12mm (NB3L-12GL), 13mm (NB3L-13GL), 14mm (NB3L-14GL), 17mm (NB3L-17GL)
    • 3/8" Ratchet Extensions (4): 50mm (NBE3-050GL), 75mm (NBE3-075GL), 150mm (NBE3-150GL), 300mm (NBE3-300GL)
    • 3/8" Univeral Joint (NBJ3GL)
    • Metal Case (NEKB-2)
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