KNIPEX CutiX Universal Knife (90 10 165 BKA)

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An innovative take on the box cutter style knife, CutiX features an integrated stabilisation bar that produces effortlessly fast & precise cuts.

  • Exert targeted pressure on the back of the blade without risk of injury
  • No unintentional bending or breaking of the blade
  • Robust, durable magnesium housing: as light as plastic, as strong as die-cast aluminium
  • Fixed blade due to high-quality blade locking: Secure fit when cutting, pushing and scraping
  • Handy: 165mm long and weighing approx 111g
  • Original equipment with high quality snap-off blades with two spare blades in the handle drawer which can be changed without any tools
  • Suitable for standard 18 mm blade types: smooth, curved and with hooks
  • Fits comfortably in the hand due to its slim shape and numerous grip zones
  • Flat, ergonomic slides seperately for blade and stabilisation bar with no accidental activation of the sliding lever
  • Realible blade holder: Secure hold of the blade thanks to hardened steel pin
  • Tether attachment point for tool protection with KNIPEX Tethered Tools System
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90 10 165 BKA
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