PB Swiss Combination Mallet/Hammer, w/ Fiberglass Handle (PB 305)

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Deep down, every mechanic’s true favorite is the hammer. This version from PB Swiss combines an engineer’s hammer and a recoilless dead blow mallet into one versatile tool. Featuring weights built into the head to minimize impact recoil.

  • Combination recoilless mallet and engineers hammer
  • One face with plastic insert and the other with hardened steel cap
  • Weights in the head provide damping for firm, accurate blows without recoil
  • Handle made of first-class fiberglass that is resistant to indentations and breakages
Head⌀ mm Lengthmm Widthmm Weightg
PB 305.2 27 290 88 359
PB 305.3 32 320 95 547
PB 305.4 35 330 100 646
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