PB Swiss ESD Precision Screwdrivers, Torx® (PB 8124 ESD)

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Premium Swiss-made precision screwdrivers with comfortable ESD handles. Featuring a twist cap on the handle tops for precise turning.

  • For Torx® fasteners
  • Electrostatically Dissipative (ESD) – protective for sensitive electronic components and safe for ESD workplaces
  • Comfortable SwissGrip handles with twist cap
  • Color coded by fastener type for quick identification
  • Special alloy based on spring steel with exceptional elasticity and high grade hardening
  • Individual laser-marked serial numbers with lifetime guarantee
Drive Lengthmm Overall Lengthmm Weightg
PB 8124.3-40 ESD 3 40 133 10
PB 8124.4-40 ESD 4 40 133 10
PB 8124.5-50 ESD 5 50 143 12
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