PB Swiss DigiTorque V02 Digital Torque Driver Set A1 3.4-16Nm (PB 9325.Set A1)


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Convenient precision — this unique torque driver features a compact pistol grip style handle with a digital torque display. This set includes 6 interchangeable; 3 hex and 3 Torx® which makes it an extremely versatile set for bicycle work.

  • Torque range: 3.4–16.0 Nm (certified +/- 6% )

  • Fits interchangeable blades PB 225

  • Included PB 225 blades:

    • PB 225.D Hex: 4–5–6mm

    • PB 225.T Torx®: T20–T25–T30

  • Practical plastic case with foam insert

  • Pistol grip handle with soft SwissGrip style surface

  • Easy adjustment for recalibration with NFC or via key function

  • Exchangeable CR1/3N 3 Volt lithium battery cell

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PB 9325.Set A1
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